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How do I become a member of ACS?

To become a member of ACS you need to be an AFTA member and ATAS accredited. The process will be managed through the AFTA website as follows:

  • Complete the ICS application form by logging into the AFTA Membership Portal and agree to the terms and conditions. You must also provide ACS with last financial year supplier lists and consent to share your current ATAS information.
  • Once you have submitted your signed application form agreeing to the terms and conditions, your business details will be provided to ACS approved Payment Partners who will contact you to discuss their payment solutions.
  • When you’re approved by your payment partner of choice you will be contacted by ACS to confirm your coverage start date and when contributions will begin to be deducted (this occurs seamlessly in the back end).
  • Once you have been approved and accepted as an ACS member you are committed to the Scheme for that membership year.

Does completing the ACS application mean I have to accept an offer from one of the payment partners?


The application process allows ACS to provide your details to our payment partners so that they can contact you to discuss their various payment solutions.

ACS will only accept your application to join the Scheme if you select one of the offers from our payment partners. You are under no obligation to proceed with any offer should you decide they are not for your business.

How much will the contributions be?

Contributions are calculated as a set percentage on eligible transactions.

The Contribution Rate for the Protection Year 2017-2018 is 0.25%.

The Contribution Rate may be reviewed and emended in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and governing rules.

The ACS Contribution is compliant with Reserve Bank of Australia, Standard No. 3 Of 2016 Scheme Rules Relating to Merchant Pricing for Credit Debit and Prepaid Card Transactions. The surcharge is charged in addition to the price of goods or services for the relevant Merchant accepting an eligible payment.

Are there be any upfront costs or fees to join ACS?

No. There are no upfront costs or joining fees.

Contributions will be collected at the time of a credit or debit card transaction.

The ACS Contribution can also be levied in your credit or debit card surcharging arrangements as ACS is compliant with the Reserve Bank of Australia, Standard No. 3 Of 2016 Scheme Rules Relating to Merchant Pricing for Credit Debit and Prepaid Card Transactions.

Will I need to change my merchant terminal provider?

In addition to be ATAS accredited, you you will need to transact using one of our approved payment partners.

All approved ACS payment partners are able to provide for both offline (physical terminal in store) and online (online portal to allow customers to pay for travel products they have purchased) services.

You do not need to change who you bank with.

Click here to see preferred payment providers.

Can I change my merchant terminal provider and not change who my business banks with?


While some businesses have their merchant terminals provided by the same bank as they have their business accounts with, it is possible and normal to have your bank and merchant terminal provider with different suppliers.

When will ACS start providing protection for travel agents?

Once you have been notified of your approval coverage commences immediately.

How can I access the protection?

Protection is available to current Members in each Protection Year when their contributions are paid to ACS.

Each protection year is from 1 July to 30 June (except for those Members who join midway through the year in which case the Protection Year commences on the date that they join and ends on 30 June).

Your Membership continues automatically until you terminate it or you are no longer eligible for membership.

Can I cancel membership and protection?


You must notify ACS at least 90 days before the end of the protection year if you want to end your membership. The protection year ends on 30 June in each year so your cancellation notice must be received by ACS by 31 March.

What type of transactions does ACS provide protections for?

ACS will provide coverage for payments where a client uses a credit or debit card that has chargeback rights.

MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit and debit cards have chargeback rights and therefore the ACS Contribution will be automatically applied by the payment partners for these cards.

Will all types of chargebacks be covered?

ACS provide protection in circumstances when a supplier collapses and does not provide the product and the client invokes a successful chargeback request.

How do I claim on ACS?

If you need to make a claim, it is important to notify ACS as soon as possible. You have ten (10) days from the date you become aware of the financial loss to lodge your claim.


Can a client claim through ACS?

No.Only ACS members will be able to claim against the Scheme.

What is a merchant terminal?

A merchant terminal is commonly referred to as a EFTPOS terminal and is a physical device located in store and through which debit and credit card transactions occur.

What is an online payment portal?

A payment portal enables a client to pay for goods or services directly from a travel agencies website. An online payment portal may also allow your clients to pay straight from the invoice you issue to them.

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