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Why join ACS?

Learn first hand from our current ACS members who have shared their experiences of how ACS has directly helped their business.

We have shared below several members thoughts on why they recommend to all ATAS members the importance of joining the scheme.

Julie Imad: Jewells Travel and Tourism

Jewells Travel & TourismJulie Imad: Jewells Travel & Tourism

Why did you join ACS?
We were one of the first to join ACS and we’re very pleased that we did. I wanted to make sure that all of our clients had the protection of their using their credit card but the risk of a credit chargeback was too great without ACS.

Experience with ACS?
The collapse of Si Travel in March 2018 caused a disruption to one of our clients and thanks to ACS, we were able to give them advice on how they could recover their money and give them the peace of mind they needed to enjoy their holiday.

The client lodged a chargeback with their bank and we lodged our claim with ACS which was approved and ACS paid back this loss within 5 days.
Being ACS protected allowed us to deliver a great service to our client as we always strive to do

What has been your experience with the ACS Payment Partner?
I currently use TravelPay because I find it easy to use and reconcile with my accounts. The feedback from my clients has also been positive with how easy it was to pay me for their booking.

Would you encourage other ATAS travel agents to join ACS?
Yes, absolutely I would.

The application process was easy to do and when I had to make claim it was easy with ACS team being there to help me along the way.

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