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AFTA conducts a series of free webinars for the travel industry.

The webinars are carefully crafted to cover a range of important topics to help you build a lasting business and to support the professional development of your staff. 

Best of all, the webinars are FREE to join and open to all travel industry personnel, so feel free to share with your colleagues.

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upcoming webinars

  • 8 MAY - From Blue Rinse to Blue Skies – 10 Seniors Travel Myths Busted

From Blue Rinse to Blue Skies – 10 Seniors Travel Myths Busted

Wednesday 8 May - 12pm (AEST)
Guest Speaker - Bronwyn White

The seniors’ market is the fastest growing yet most misunderstood market we know. What is phenomenal, is that the +55 economy is the third largest in the world – 3rd behind China and USA.

Yet is a sector that is largely ignored by travel marketers and innovators alike. Make no mistake, this is the most lucrative travel opportunity we are likely to see in our lifetimes.

We will never again see a more cashed up and time rich travel sector again.
The over 55’s market is the greatest untapped opportunity in the global travel industry. They have the money to spend – more than any other generational cohort and the time and desire to travel.

Join our webinar and we'll bust 10 popular seniors travel myths and beliefs that are providing barriers to connecting with your ideal mature travellers.

We'll give special focus to the myth they are likely to research online and then book via an agent. This was true 1 year ago, but they have become more confident with the hundreds of hours they spend researching on the Internet in booking their own trips.

We'll share how to plan for the new planning trends and how to make the most of new opportunities.

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Learn more on our guest speaker

Bronwyn WhiteBronwyn White is the world's #1 authority on the seniors travel sector. She is the CEO of New Young Consulting a market research and marketing agency that specialises in the seniors travel sector.

She shows her clients how to meet the changing needs, values and attitudes of the "New Young" and how forge profitable ongoing relationships with this truly disruptive market.


To view any of our webinar sessions, simply click on the title below to access the YouTube video and presentation slide deck.

Making sense of Social Media and Content Marketing

Top tips to get any non-marketeer kick-started with valuable content

Guest Speaker: Ben Alcock, Resource Hub

As travel people, we work in an industry that is almost entirely driven by stories. We are, at the end of the day, selling experiences, not 'stuff'.

Ben believes that your business brims with stories just itching to be told, broadcast to your clients, and shared across their social networks driving traffic and leads back to you.

Content marketing is not rocket surgery, but many businesses struggle with it. With so many social and digital platforms available these days it can be baffling to know where to start.

Let's face it, people love talking about their holidays, their favourite hotels and hole-in-the-wall bars, cheeky ways to get from A to B, and secret spots for that perfect local experience.

As a travel professional, which travel stories are you telling? And what do those stories say about your business?


  • Myths & truths
  • What is 'content marketing'
  • Is it just a fad?
  • Why content marketing is important to customers
  • The dinner party test
  • Examples of good content marketing
  • Creating and curating good content
  • Content ideas
  • Thinking like a publisher

Watch our webinar for a simple, easy-to-understand look at content marketing, why it's important, how it works and where you might start.

If you're operating in a frantic fog of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and email and wondering 'am I even doing this right?'...tune in and find a way forward that works for you.

Ben Alcock
Writer and Content Wrangler

Presentation slide deck >

How to Leverage your ATAS accreditation

Guest Speaker - Joanne Arancibia - Head of Marketing AFTA

Join Head of Marketing and Communications, Joanne Arancibia, as she explores the various ways you can leverage the support of AFTA to maximise your ATAS membership.

This webinar will cover findings from consumer research designed to answers two key questions:

1) What motivates travellers to use travel agents, and

2) What is the current awareness of ATAS – and, if with education, can that impact on a consumers choice to use a travel agent?

The research findings have been used to inform AFTA's marketing strategy, so we'll also cover of the various activities AFTA has undertaken to promote the value of travel agents.

You'll leave this webinar informed, inspired and wanting to engage in the various marketing initiatives AFTA offers its accredited member network.

Watch the ATAS TVC here >

For the ATAS Awareness Campaign and video summarising the Consumer Research results click here.   

Presentation slide deck >

Complaints Handling Best Practice

Guest Speaker - Naomi Menon - Head of Compliance and Operations, AFTA

All ATAS Accredited participants are required to comply with the ATAS Code of Conduct. The Code includes the ATAS Complaint Escalation process.

This webinar helps ATAS businesses understand their obligations under Code and the best practice for handling complaints. Case studies and recent examples are used to provide a practical application for ATAS agents.

Webinar host Naomi Menon, is the Head of Compliance and Operations of AFTA, and also fills the designated role of ATAS Compliance Manager. Naomi share valuable insights on common mistakes and tips for resolving consumer complaints.


Snapshot of 2018 complaint data;
The ATAS Complaint Escalation process;
Expected timeframes;
The ATAS Complaint Appeal Committee (ACAC);
Key tips for handling complaints;
Case studies of complaints and outcomes managed by AFTA and the ACAC;
Case studies of some recent court and tribunal decisions


Additional Resources:

Complaint policies must comply with the Australian/New Zealand Standard ‘Guidelines for complaint management in organisations’. This document is copyrighted and cannot be shared however is based significantly on the NSW Ombudsman complaint resources:

SOCAP also has a number of resources that includes some templates that can assist in formulating standard template responses:

Succession Planning - Planning for the end game

In this webinar Anne Rogers - former owner of Wings Away Travel, shares a “warts and all” account of her experience selling her business.

When considering the sale of a small business, it’s worth or success, are often measured by size, sales figures, industry profile, and reputation however, without a carefully considered exit plan - properly executed - these indicators can be of no tangible value.

Anne shared her thoughts on what could have been done differently - beginning with the fact that she did NOT HAVE a succession plan; and her tips to successfully execute your own escape.

Anne is available for Business Advice and Mentoring.

Contact: 0417 352 190


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