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AFTA member Webinars

AFTA conducts a series of free webinars for the travel industry.

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2020 webinar schedule
  • 6 AUG: So you've got a blog. Now what?
  • 7 AUG: AFTA Weekly Update
  • 13 AUG: Dubai Webinar #7 - Ramadan & Authentic Cultural Experiences
  • 14 AUG: AFTA Weekly Update
  • 20 AUG: Upskill Your Business for COVID Revival

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So you've got a blog. Now what?

Thursday 6 August, 11am (AEST, Sydney Time)

Presented by Ben Alcock, Resource Hub

Setting up a blog for your business is easy, but knowing what to write about can be hard.

'Travel' is all stories. They're swirling in and around your business all the time. You just need to know where to find them.

In this webinar, blogger-writer-marketer Ben Alcock—himself once a travel agent—shares his favourite hacks for finding great stories to inform and inspire your clients and prospects on your blog.

He'll also explain why your blog should be a fundamental pillar of your marketing mix.

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More about Ben Alcock

Guest Speaker - Ben AlcockAfter a brief career in another industry altogether, Ben landed his first 'travel' job as a retail consultant at Trailfinders in Sydney.

Over the more than 20 years since that stint in retail, he's had senior product, marketing and communication roles at airlines, tourism offices, wholesalers, a luxury resort GSA, and most recently as a 'content wrangler' at Resource.

A treechange a decade ago saw him move from Sydney to Bangalow near Byron Bay, and start tinkering with his 'Disarm Doors & Crosscheck' travel blog which led to a regular travel segment on ABC North Coast radio called 'Planes, Passports & Postcards', and occasional spots on ABC Gold Coast, Canberra and Melbourne most recently with Lisa Pagotto from Crooked Compass.

Various bits of travel writing followed, including editing the 'Explore Abu Dhabi' destination guide. Ben currently produces content for AFTA's consumer-facing ATAS Blog, and co-hosts Better Homes & Gardens' Tastebud Traveller podcast.

COVID-19 Weekly AFTA Update

Strictly for AFTA/ATAS Members Only

AFTA Members are invited to join this weekly AFTA Update and hear from the Team who will provide an update on the COVID-19 situation and the evolving work AFTA is doing to support members. 

Dubai Tourism Webinar Series

Dubai Webinar #7 - Ramadan and Authentic Cultural Experiences

Presented by Dubai Tourism
Thursday 13 August, 11am (AEST Sydney Time)

Ramadan in DubaiAs it is based on the Islamic lunar calendar, the dates of Ramadan vary each year. The official start of the holy month is announced when the crescent moon of the ninth month (of the traditional Islamic calendar) rises.

Ramadan lasts for approximately 30 days, until the next new crescent moon has been sighted, which signals the start of Eid Al Fitr.

The pace of the city slows down, and time is taken to reflect, refresh and grow. The experience for tourists during this time is rich in culture and there is many opportunities to engage with locals

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Ramadan – overview, Iftars and unique interactive experiences
  • Authentic Cultural experiences – activities, experiences, events

By the end of this webinar you will have a deeper understanding of Ramadan and how it is celebrated in Dubai.

You will be able to advise your clients that it’s a great time to visit the city as it will allow them to experience the authentic culture and explore the city in a slower than normal pace. We will also ensure you have all the answers to those unknown questions of what you can and cannot do during Ramadan, the unique experiences and operating hours of tourism products.

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Learn more about the webinar series here >

Upskill Your Business for COVID Revival

Thursday 20 August, 2pm (AEST Sydney Time)
Presented by Tourism Tribe - Liz Ward and Fabienne Wintle

AFTA has partnered with Tourism Tribe to host an educational session to learn valuable tips on how to upskill during the COVID downtime.

Join their digitally savvy coaches who'll share their valuable knowledge and inspire you with proven tools that will help you to have a stronger, more resilient and future-proofed business.

Learn how travel businesses make practical use of digital tools and best practices to navigate the unprecedented business environment in which we are operating and how to develop a more competitive and profitable business for the future.

Learn about the top tips to empower your business with:

  • more engaging communications
  • smarter internal processes
  • more immediate and dynamic sales and marketing

The presentation will have an educational focus with plenty of time and opportunities for you to ask questions, ensuring this is an interactive and energetic presentation.

Liz Ward and her team are renowned for their practical approach ensuring you will walk away with learnings and tips to apply in your business immediately.

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AFTA Webinars

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