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Why electoral visits?

AFTA is committed to working with government in a collaborative and constructive way to get the policy and regulatory settings right because not only will that help the travel sector but in time will contribute substantially to the nation's overall economic wellbeing.

To be effective, and to make an impact, AFTA needs to have both a "top-down" and "bottom-up" approach, and this is why we are embarking on a community-based strategy which aims to amplify the often forgotten voice of the travel agent.

We have an ambitious plan to visit every single electorate in Australia where it is safe to do so, and bring together local ATAS accredited travel agencies and their MPs.

AFTA CEO Darren Rudd, would like to meet as many members as possible, with their MP, in order to understand what your concerns are and how we can all work together to get through this.

It is also about making sure that politicians understand the value and role that travel agents play in the travel supply chain and their broader community.

The impact of this approach was evidenced after the recent visit to the electorate of Berowra. After hearing the challenges of the local travel agents, local MP Julian Lesser called the Prime Minister. He followed this up with a letter to the Treasurer and the Tourism Minister.

Read the letter here >

June Electoral Visits

In June, AFTA visited 5 local government electorates (Greenway, North Sydney, Berowra, McMahon and Wentworth) and engaged with 16 ATAS accredited travel agencies giving Agents the opportunity to voice their frustrations, concerns, expertise and ideas.

June Electoral Visits

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AFTA Electoral Visits

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