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Jayson Westbury UpdateAFTA CEO Update | 28 April 2020

THE COVIDSafe App has taken over the current media focus over the past few days and I suspect will continue to dominate the discussion for many more days.

The app, released by the Federal Government Health Department and supported by all states and territory governments, is designed in basic terms to enable the health department to better “trace” not “track” the contacts people have had should they engage with a person known to have the virus - CLICK HERE for more details.

They say it is to enable a more efficient method to trace people who have engaged with such a person, with a goal to reduce the spread of the virus and contain further spread.

The other, and in my mind most important aspect to this app, is that it is said by government that the more people who sign up, the faster we will be able to return to life as it was, or normal, and I hope this means allowing people to travel both interstate (domestically) and hopefully overseas (internationally).

While there are all kinds of views about whether the app will be a privacy invasion and the concerns over who will have access to the data, it seems to me that when we are in the midst of the worst global pandemic in history, who has your data would appear to me to be almost irrelevant even if the sceptics are right about what will happen to the data.

It is, of course, everyone’s personal choice as to if you download the app. I have already downloaded the app and if someone is looking at my data and where I go and what I do, I would suggest they need to consider a new career because I am sure they have found it all to be very boring.

When COVID-19 passes, I will delete the app & that will be that.

In this crazy world we are all living in, my personal view is that if the government believes this app is going to enable them to speed up the pathway back to normal, then why not. No doubt all of our data will be much more interesting once we are back to normal – but we will have all deleted the app by then, so the would be cyber criminals will have to find other ways to track us – which for the record, given the types of advertisements that appear on my Google search would already seem to be happening and nobody is talking about that.

The travel industry needs normal to return in order for us to get back to work and get people travelling – for me without the evidence of another solution, COVIDSafe would seem the way forward.

It is up to you and all of us to decide – the numbers are looking positive – it this turbocharges the government to take the leap and let us out of our house, then why not.