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AFTA Weekly Update

AFTA Update | Travel Daily 3 December

The Federal Government has recognised the travel sector and its critical importance to the Australian economy and public by announcing a financial support package of a $128 million in cash grants. This is historic in its nature, size and the speed with which we are working with agencies across government to deliver the funds to the sector.

Under the scheme, eligible parties will receive a one-off cash grant. Grants will be scaled, starting with a minimum payment of $1,500 for a business with a turnover of $50,000 up to a maximum payment of $100,000 for a business with a turnover of $20 million.

You can read the official announcement here.

AFTA is working with government to make available the web-based vehicle that eligible parties will use to access the grants. The aim is to ensure intended recipients get paid this month.

Specific details of the support package, eligibility criteria and the distribution mechanic will be sent to members this week and will also be available here.

Today’s announcement is a result of the tremendous and combined efforts of members who emailed, called and meet with their federal parliamentarian to ensure that they understood the urgent need for tailored financial support. Thank you and congratulations, this is democracy in its best and purest form.

AFTA would also like to recognise and thank the Morrison Government.

A special thanks also goes to Small Business Commissioner, Kate Carnell and her team for their valuable work, the work of CATO and CLIA and the wider travel and tourism sector.

AFTA CEO, Darren Rudd is talking to The Travel Industry Hub this coming Monday, 7 December, about the grant. You’re invited to join the discussion by registering here