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AFTA CEO shares his thoughts on what to expect in 2018

Jayson Westbury recently completed an interview with Blue Swan Daily, an online website published by CPA – Centre for Aviation and covers travel industry news from around the world.

Jayson discusses how he believes agents still have a significant role to play in travel both from a leisure perspective but especially a corporate one. Jayson shares AFTA’s goals for the year and the continuing discussion: Agents vs. Online.

“The Australian market for 2018 is looking terrific. All the settings are lining up for a good year in travel. Consumer confidence is always the big key, it’s the one that we keep our eye on and we seem to be happier. We woke up happier this year than we went to sleep last year. So that’s a good sign for travel.”

Jayson also discusses AFTA’s new chargeback scheme (ACS) designed to support ATAS accredited travel agents in the event of consumer credit card chargebacks as a result of a supplier insolvency. ACS is the first scheme of its kind in the world and offers protection against Forward Delivery Risk that traditionally has not been covered by insurance providers.

Watch our full interview below:

AFTA CEO Insights for 2018

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