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AFTA Education and Training (AFTA E&T), the training division ofAFTA Education the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) continues in its endeavours to provide the highest quality training to meet the skills needs of the travel industry.

AFTA E&T performs the following activities:

(a) Develops and sells a complete set of nationally accredited and industry-relevant training modules for Certificate III in Travel to end-users including private colleges, universities, TAFE, schools, individual learners and travel industry partners.

(b) Develops and sells customised specialist modules and short training programs for specific purposes for the travel industry.

(c) Organises industry skills forums and product and skill seminars for travel trainers and the industry.

(d) Provides consultation on training modules, regulatory compliance matters and marketing issues.

A Global Outlook on Training

The clear global change in the way we share, use, develop and process knowledge, is moving at a fast pace and ever changing. There has been a massive shift in power to consumers in general, and to learners specifically as a result of the rapid and continuing advances in the information & communication technologies (ICT). Effectively embedding these technologies into travel training remains a challenge to all training providers. AFTA E&T is committed to be a leader in this, developing ways to improve effectiveness over the coming years.

AFTA E&T acknowledges that there is still a gap between the quality of training outcomes and expectations from industry employers in general. It is our foremost priority to work towards narrowing this gap by working collaboratively with industry stakeholders and travel trainers through a range of initiatives to develop and provide training solutions that suit both learners and the industry.

Included in these initiatives, are activities such as industry skills forums, travel trainers workshops, industry round tables, industry consultation and other initiatives.

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