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AFTA Webinars

The following webinars have been recorded for your convenience to watch when it suits you. 

To view any of the webinar sessions, simply click on the title below to access the YouTube video and presentation slide deck.

Effective Communication within Teams

Hosted by Jo Hanlon, Mind Your P's

When People work in teams, their impact is magnified be it positively or negatively.

This makes it critical to have a team of People that functions and communicates effectively and efficiently so I hear you ask “what makes a high performing team”?

High performing teams are built on effective conversations and dynamics that allow them to;

  • show vulnerability and trust,
  • engage in productive conflict,
  • have peer to peer accountability, and
  • a joint focus on collective results, all of which may be easier to say than achieve, but together, combine to increase productivity and job satisfaction.
In this webinar speaker Jo Hanlon, Founder and MD of the boutique HR Coaching & Consulting agency - Mind your P's,l shares her insights and dive into these and other factors that together, combine to ensure effective communication within teams.PRESENTATION DECK > 

Staff Retention: Setting your team members up for success

Your staff are usually both your biggest risk (apart from COVID-19) and your biggest asset and it usually takes considerable time, effort, investment and occasionally anxiety, sweat and tears, to recruit and retain great team members, only to lose them down the track just when they’ve started adding real value to your business.

Sometimes you can’t do a thing, but other times you can.

In this webinar guest speaker Jo Hanlon, Founder and MD of the boutique HR Coaching & Consulting agency - Mind your P's, shares her insights into what makes a great Manager and exactly what makes your staff tick and how to create an environment for success.

Research has revealed people often leave their Managers not the job, whilst other research shows people leave the job because they’re not enjoying it, but who’s responsible for a large part of the job – the Managers!

Managers will learn the 10 tips on how to set your staff up for success and how to make it a more enjoyable experience within the workplace.

The Power of Customer Journey Marketing

Presented by Sonja van den Bosch - Twinlife Marketing

In the recent Twinlife Marketing Strategy, Digital and Brand workshops, we touched on the importance of the customer journey.

In this webinar Sonja takes a deeper dive into the stages of the customer journey and shares a framework with you to create your own customer journey map.

When you manage your customer journey well, you'll have a solid customer touch point & communication program that is consistent, ongoing and can be partly automated. It brings people, process and technology together and helps you transition from being transactional to managing relationships.

Great customer journey marketing will create an outstanding customer experience, generate more repeat business & referrals, and will ultimately provide more stability for your travel & tourism business.

Key Highlights:

  • Practical tips on how to map and implement your customer journey
  • How to turn your customers into loyal fans, who keep coming back for more?
  • How to attract more ideal customers and improve conversions?



PWC Consumer Intelligence

Creating a successful mindset

Presented by Jo Hanlon from Mind your P's

Jo's definition of Mindset is that it includes your internal dialogue and thoughts about yourself, others and your situation, what you make that mean, and how you end up approaching and managing everything in life.
Jo details that they are important to consider, be aware of and actively create, because your Mindset will impact how you approach and live your whole life which is even more important than ever at present.

You may be thinking you have a good handle on your Mindset as it is a common topic being discussed by many at the moment; there are 182 million results in google on the subject, however, Jo's approach is a holistic and widespread one that looks much more broadly at the many pieces that make up what she calls your Mindset Mosaic. By having a more holistic view, you can create a successful Mindset Mosaic that is tailored to your needs and works best for you.

During this webinar, we’ll explore 6 key Mindset Mosaic areas and give you some tools you can use that will help you "on your way" rather than getting "in your way" to achieving a successful Mindset.


Upskill Your Business for COVID Revival

Presented by Tourism Tribe - Liz Ward and Fabienne Wintle

AFTA partnered with Tourism Tribe to host an educational session where you can learn valuable tips on how to upskill during the COVID downtime.

In this video the digitally savvy coaches share their valuable knowledge and will inspire you with proven tools that will help you to have a stronger, more resilient and future-proofed business.

Through the video you will learn how travel businesses make practical use of digital tools and best practices to navigate the unprecedented business environment in which we are operating and how to develop a more competitive and profitable business for the future.

Learn about the top tips to empower your business with:

  • more engaging communications
  • smarter internal processes
  • more immediate and dynamic sales and marketing

Presentation Slide Deck >

So you've got a blog. Now what?

Presented by Ben Alcock, Resource Hub

Setting up a blog for your business is easy, but knowing what to write about can be hard.

'Travel' is all stories. They're swirling in and around your business all the time. You just need to know where to find them.

In this webinar, blogger-writer-marketer Ben Alcock—himself once a travel agent—shares his favourite hacks for finding great stories to inform and inspire your clients and prospects on your blog.

He'll also explain why your blog should be a fundamental pillar of your marketing mix.


Optimal Business Structures for Small Businesses

Presented by Dario Gamba - DFK Australia and New Zealand

Watch this webinar to learn from one of Australia’s leading tax experts at DFK Australia and New Zealand, Dario Gamba, to understand the importance of small business owners having the right business structure in place.

With over 25 years experience in providing tax advisory services, Dario shares invaluable insights into understanding the common (and perhaps not so common) tax, legal and commercial considerations that you should be aware of this tax time.

This webinar covers:

  • Business structures and how they work
  • Challenges facing your current business structure
  • Changing your current business structure
  • Asset protection & succession/exit strategies
  • Tax, legal and commercial considerations

Presentation Deck >

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