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ACS Supplier Directory

To ensure that ACS can manage supplier risk and arrange adequate Excess of Loss insurance, ACS members are requested to declare supplier information to ACS.

The ACS Supplier Directory is a list of all suppliers, which have been declared and agreed by ACS. If you have any suppliers that you book flights, tours or any other travel component that IS NOT part of our ACS Supplier List, protection for any claims related to those suppliers will not be automatically protected. For those claims to be protected, the supplier must be declared and accepted by ACS, following which they will be added to the ACS Supplier Directory.

ACS Supplier confirmation required

We ask all ACS members to cross-check their suppliers by using the new ACS Supplier Directory or download the full csv file to cross-check that your current suppliers are included. 

All ACS participants are required to notify AFTA to confirm their status by 31 March 2020.


STEP 1 - Cross-check your supplier list with the ACS suppliers

Use the ACS Supplier Directory below.

Search ACS Suppliers

STEP 2 - Request to add NEW supplier

Let us know if you need to add a new supplier into the ACS Supplier Directory, use the online form below or skip to step 3.

If you are unable to find a supplier that you currently made bookings with OR wish to make future bookings with, please complete the below request form to have them aded to the supplier directory.

Add New Supplier (maximum 10 suppliers per submission)

Supplier 1

ATAS Participant Contact Details

Please complete your contact details for the team to advice once your supplier/s have been added to the list.

STEP 3 - Confirmation

Notify AFTA that you have completed Step 1. Use the online confirmation form below to let us know.

Cross-Check Confirmation

STEP 4 - Adding a a new supplier at a later time

Should you need to add a supplier at later stage, then simply repeat Step 2 at any time.

Are you a consumer?

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