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'Travel Accredited' represents a brand promise of quality.

To ensure the integrity of the ATAS accreditation scheme, participants are vetted against 8 criteria.

To become accredited you must:

  • Be a Travel Intermediary
  • Agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and Charter
  • Sign a declaration (Deed Poll) to confirm that your corporate policies, procedures & any consumer marketing activity will comply with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
  • Be a 'Fit and Proper Entity', be a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) holder, comply with relevant sections of the ASIC administered Corporations Act 2001 as required and provide certified financial accounts to prove solvency.
  • Provide evidence of adequate Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance.
  • Demonstrate adequate level of staff education and training.
  • Provide evidence of an adequate complaint handling policy and procedures.
  • If you are a start-up business you will need to be aware of additional criteria 9 required, outlined here.

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Here's 8 simple steps to follow to complete your online ATAS application.

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  1. Print & read the Application Checklist – this will tell you all the documents and information you need when completing your application.

    Application Checklist

  2. Nominate an Authorised Person within your organisation who will complete the application process and sign the Deed Poll (below).

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  3. Register for a username and password to gain access to the “My AFTA” area.

  4. Log in to “My AFTA” to start a new application

  5. Read all the information provided to you in the ATAS application. It will help you complete your application! Be sure to save as you go.

  6. Complete all the mandatory fields and upload all the documents requested.

  7. Need to stop and return later? Simply save and log out. You can log in at anytime and continue your application.

  8. Submit your application. Once all sections are complete you can submit your application. You will not be able to edit your application once submitted.
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