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Industry Notices

Travel Agent Business Failure

Have you been disadvantaged as a result of a recent travel agent business failure due to fraud? Whilst businesses will cease from time to time, fraud is a criminal act and is taken seriously by both AFTA and the criminal system in Australia. The good news is that there is a process to report fraud and ensure your situation is heard.

To report travel agent fraud:

  • You should attend your local police station and detail the circumstances of the fraud
  • Provide documentation to support the allegation (such as receipts, itineraries, payment details, copies of bank statements et al)
  • Provide details of other witnesses
  • Where possible, a written summary or notes of the circumstances
  • The police member should compile reports
  • The allegation will be investigated at station level or referred to the local Criminal Investigation Branch (CIU)
  • The victim should obtain the police members details for future reference.

At AFTA, we take business failure seriously. Should you experience the above, please notify us and keep us informed of the outcome of your reported incident.

For a list of cancelled ATAS participants, please click below;

Cancelled ATAS Participants >

2020 Insolvency Notices >

STA Travel

On Friday 21 August 2020, STA Travel Group AU (ACN 004 801 51) have entered into Administration.

Affected Consumers:

1. Contact your bank re a Chargeback if paid by a credit card.

2. Contact Administrator: and refer to the FAQ page (link below).


South Quay Travel & Leisure Limited Administration

On Monday 20 July 2020, South Quay Travel Limited (SQTL) – which traded under Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

Paul Williams, Phil Dakin and Edward Bines of Duff & Phelps Ltd. were appointed Joint Administrators of SQTL in the UK. At present the Administrators are evaluating SQTL’s financial position.

More information >

FLY365 Entered Voluntary Administration

On Friday the 21st of February 2020, Fly365 Pty Ltd entered into voluntary liquidation. The liquidator, as required by law, will be conducting an investigation to determine if there are any breaches of the Corporations Act, and make such recommendation to ASIC for further action.

AFTA are working with and assisting the liquidator as requested.

Affected Consumers

The following actions are advised for those who have been impacted:

  • Contact the airline directly to confirm tickets,
  • Contact your bank to initiate a payment dispute (chargeback) if the airline advises that the tickets are not confirmed and paid for.
  • Contact the liquidator to become a creditor and for further advice.

    Liquidator Details:
    Roger and Carson Pty Ltd
    Contact: Nicarson Natkunarajah
    Contact: 0466346911

    Although at the time of the incident the business was ATAS Accredited, AFTA are no longer able to enforce any determination, as Fly365 is no longer an ATAS Participant, and the business is under External Administration.

    We regret that AFTA cannot be of further assistance, but hope that all those who have been impacted manage to achieve an appropriate outcome via the above recommended actions.AFTA is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this liquidation and conducting a review of OTA’s and their eligibility criteria.

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