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In 2017, how credit and debit card transactions are processed and surcharged in Australia changed.

AFTA successfully advocated for the continuation of surcharging and allowing agents to include the AFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS) to cover Forward Delivery Risk (as a result of no fault third party chargeback) in your payment surcharge.

ACS provides protection for approved ATAS accredited travel agents in the event of a chargeback which is a result from a supplier collapsing. ATAS members are encouraged to read more about ACS to ensure you don’t miss out on being covered.

AFTA is providing the below factsheets as general advice and each business should seek professional advice from an adviser on their specific circumstances.

AFTA Webinar > Staying up-to-date with Electronic Payments

If AFTA members have further questions they can contact AFTA’s on or call us on 02 9287 9900.

Understanding credit card surcharging

AFTA has developed the following introductory briefing on how to apply the correct credit card surcharging rate.

The briefing note explains in plain English how to do this with examples of correct and incorrect surcharging practices.

Updated 29 February 2018.


Consumer credit card surcharging fact sheet

AFTA members are invited to download the below information sheet that can be used if consumers raise the issue of credit card surcharging.

We hope that this information sheet will be useful in answering any questions that may be raised by consumers or employees about your current surcharging practice, should you choose to have one.


National Mobilisation Program

AFTA has lodged its 2020-21 Pre-Budget Submission with Treasury, calling for a Sector Specific Support Package and now we need your help!


Resilient Mind Program Results

The Program delivered significant improvements in the mental wellbeing & resilience of participants. Learn about the results here >


AFTA Micro Credentials Program

AFTA is offering all members access to short, sharp, high impact courses called micro credentials. Learn more >