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AFTA Micro Credential program

AFTA is offering all members access to short, sharp, high impact courses called micro credentials.

These courses will allow businesses - and their staff - to learn new skills during downtime, providing a competitive edge when the market rebounds. 

Launching in partnership with Learning Vault, AFTA's online digital education partner, the initial micro-credentials offering will encompass roughly 60 courses, with new courses added every week! 

After completing each micro credential, AFTA members will be issued with a 'digital badge' for their achievement in completing the course. 

Being digitally native, these badges lend themselves to appearing easily on CVs, LinkedIn pages and more. Making AFTA members' credentials more visible, valuable and verifiable.

To access the AFTA Micro Credentials Program - click here.

Learning Vault

AFTA Badge

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AFTA Industry Endorsed Micro Credential Program about?

Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AFTA has developed in partnership with Learning Vault, an innovative online education and training suite of micro credentials to support AFTA business owners and staff to upskill and cross skill in key skill priority areas during these challenging times.

This industry led initiative came about to empower the travel industry workforce to build on and build further capability in ‘Best Business Practice’. During this period of hibernation, there is no better time for AFTA business owners and their staff to boost their skills and knowledge base and prepare for when the market bounces back.

Who is Learning Vault?

Learning Vault is AFTA’s project partner, and are an innovative education company, with a multitude of education-based products. They aim to inspire creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy and their goal is to help us develop the next generation of highly-skilled, highly sought-after, informed and creative professionals. They are proudly the first Australian owned digital credentialing agency in the country.

What are Micro Credentials?

Micro-credentials are a new innovative approach to learning and have emerged to fulfil the urgent need for upskilling and retraining in the digital economy, as well as validating skills already acquired through on job experience. They are now becoming mainstream and have been built to be digested much faster, delivered in short bursts, and designed to engage learners and increase outcomes.

Benefits of Micro Credentials?

  • Short, sharp, highly targeted ‘chunks of learning’ designed to help a learner improve on or upskill;
  • Flexible, affordable and time efficient;
  • An effective way to continually upskill and improves career prospects;
  • Builds professional and self-confidence, skills, knowledge base and profile;
  • Upon successful completion of a specific skill, learners will receive a digital badge certifying that micro-credential has been achieved. This will then become part of the learner’s personal digital file and a powerful tool for career profiling and attracting prospective employers and recruitment agents.

Benefits of Micro Credentials for the Employer?

In dynamic business environments like travel, the ability to train staff quickly to fill new, emerging skill gaps can be invaluable. Micro credentialing is an exciting way to train individual staff members in specific areas quickly, so you can take advantage of emerging market opportunities and help your business stay ahead of the competition. They can also help to boost employee engagement and support you as an employer in accurately tracking your employees' development.

Benefits of Micro Credentials for the Learner?

The self-directed and on-demand aspect of micro credentials will appeal to many learners and they can decide what credentials to pursue, and what learning pathways to follow based on their interests and needs. The can also develop a portfolio of ‘marketable skills’ by acquiring additional micro-credentials and continually building on them. Along with their corresponding digital badges, it makes it easy for professionals to show exactly what skills and knowledge they bring to a new position or project.

What type of topics are available in the AFTA Program?

The suite of micro credentials has been carefully selected and are predominantly focused on supervisory, managerial and business skills.

Examples include:

  • Manage Conflict;
  • Social Media – Customer Engagement;
  • Coaching and Mentoring;
  • Marketing – Understanding Trends and Data;
  • Develop and Use emotional intelligence – in business, leading your teams and for yourself, etc.
  • Working Remotely
  • Managing Remotely

Are they travel industry specific?

No, they are generic but invaluable skills - common and relevant to all travel businesses regardless of size and include supervisory, managerial and business skills.

Are the Micro Credentials Industry Recognised?

Yes, they are industry recognised and endorsed by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and the digital badge certifies this - making the credential credible and valuable.

Are the AFTA Micro Credentials Accredited?

No, they are not accredited. 

However, they are aligned to a training unit within the Australian Nationally recognised, Vocational Education and Training (VET) Qualification Framework.

How many Micro Credentials are available in the program?

There are currently there are 60 available courses for you to select from. 

Long term there will be approximately 250+ micro credentials for you to select from.

Courses will be uploaded on a regular basis as they are developed and made available. 

What is the average duration of a micro credential?

It can vary, but on average – 8 hours.

Micro credentials allow for flexibility and for you to learn in short bursts or as required. They are specifically designed for time poor learners who need to upskill, but are juggling competing demands of work and family.

Does the program cater for a range of learners?

Yes, there are three proficiency levels for you to choose from and include beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

Once I purchase a Micro Credential, how long do I have to complete it?

This program allows you to learn at your own pace and in your own time. You have unlimited access to the micro credential once purchased. There is no time limit set once you buy or commence a micro credential. You can save it as many times as you like - and return to it whenever you want.

How much does each Micro Credential Cost?

Each micro credential costs $19.99 (inclusive GST) and includes the Digital Badge.

Are any AFTA Micro Credentials free?

Yes, there is one micro credential that is complimentary. 

AFTA have specifically had developed a mental health and well-being course for all AFTA members: Breath in – Breath Out. As a community under crisis, it is imperative right now for us all to nurture and look after ourselves, and each other.

What type of Certification do I receive once I complete a Micro Credential?

You will receive an AFTA Industry Endorsed ‘Digital Badge’ or Credential:

  • Each AFTA digital badge will be customised for the micro-credential successfully completed and it will be verifiable – ensuring credibility;
  • The AFTA digital badges, will allow all learners to showcase their credentials to potential employers and potentially assist with progressing their career progression. 

What is a Digital Badge?

  • Digital Badges are digital credentials which represent important skills, knowledge or achievements;
  • A digital badge is a digital representation of the certification you’ve earned. It is a convenient way to display and share a certification so it can be verified in real-time, online;
  • Every badge earner has a portfolio of evidence and each awarded badge is backed by machine-readable metadata;
  • The metadata contained in the digital badge includes data about the learner, credential, issuing organization, date issued, criteria to earn the credential, and a web address with supporting information. This information helps an employer understand the criteria met to earn the micro-credential as well as the authority of the organization issuing it.

What are the benefits of a Digital Badge?

  • A digital badge is a way to make your digital credentials more visible, valuable and verifiable and they boost education marketing power;
  • They provide employers and peers with a description of the certification, as well as a list of the skills and criteria you required to earn the credential;
  • They can also change the way employers, instructors, peers and communities of shared interest, to spot relevant talent.

How will Learners know if they’ve earned a digital badge?

Shortly after earning your credential, you will receive an email notification with instructions for claiming your digital badge and setting up your account.

Simply click the ‘Digital Badges’ link in your certification record to get started.

Watch this video and learn about how to use the digital badge effectively.

What does the AFTA Industry Endorsed Digital Badge look like?

Here is an example:
Each digital badge will be customised to the micro credential achieved.

Example Micro Credential Badge

Where and how can a Learner share their digital badge?

You can share your digital badge to social media platforms (like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), over email, embedded in a website, in your email signature and more.

Every achievement is an opportunity for viral growth, as badges can be shared through social media by the recipient. Because of increased visibility, badges help you ensure that your achievements are shared and promoted.

How can I access my digital badge?

You can access the digital badge platform any time by clicking on the ‘Digital Badges’ link in your email, or by logging into the platform where you have been issued your digital badge.

Can I accept my digital credential but keep it private?

Yes. If you don’t want to make your digital badge public, you can easily configure your privacy settings in the digital badge platform. You’re in complete control of your information.

What keeps someone else from copying my digital badge and using it?

Your digital badge is an electronic file with uniquely embedded data. This embedded data is verified in real-time. Attempts to copy and modify someone's digital badge would be unsuccessful, as the digital badge continually corrects itself against the certification record. Digital badges cannot be copied or tampered with – which makes them invaluable.

For more information or to access to the AFTA Micro Credentials - click here.

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