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DFK Better Business Series

DFK Better Business Series
AFTA encourages small business owners to set aside time to work ON the business as opposed to working IN the business. We have partnered with DFK Australia New Zealand to run a Better Business Series.

The series will feature expert Business Advisers who will discuss the importance of planning strategies around the often overlooked areas including; 

  • JUNE - Tax Time Ready (with a Budget twist)
  • JULY - Webinar topic to be released soon

Tax Time Ready (with a budget twist)

Wednesday 20 June - 12.00pm (AEST)
Guest Speaker - Melissa Healy - Director, DFK Everalls
& Steve Heller - Director, DFK Laurence Varnay

An online webinar workshop specifically designed to help AFTA member businesses navigate the new Post-Federal Budget taxation landscape with certainty and confidence.

Watch the webinar to discover
  • Insights to save you money by taking advantage of the new tax concessions announced in the budget
  • The 4 new tax traps that could mean your expenses are not deductible or make you inadvertently liable for penalties 
  • Steps to ensure your year end tax planning is thorough and complete before June 30 to minimise your 2018 tax liability
  • Q&A session time with our two expert presenters.


Businesses Tax Planning >

Individual Tax Strategies >

Presentation slides >


Learn more about our guest speakers >

Melissa Healy - Director, DFK Everalls
It's true that the best advice for business comes from someone who has had their own business. This is the case for Melissa Healy, who used to run her own accounting practice and has held key roles for other small businesses in Canberra over time. Melissa joined DFK Everalls in 2000 becoming a director in 2003.

Melissa loves the challenge of working with new and small enterprises to help them launch and grow their businesses. Melissa is also a fully licenced financial planner through Everalls Wealth Management and having assisted her clients to increase the value of their business she loves making sure that their wealth is protected and that they are on the right track to being able to retire gracefully in due course.

Melissa hosts our regular in-house Boardroom Briefings for clients that provide in-depth but Plain English information about various business & financial planning issues, as well as bringing clients together to discuss other ideas and opportunities.

Melissa also loves to get on a plane to enjoy other cultures but otherwise loves spending the weekends on her cattle farm south of Braidwood.

Steve Heller - Director, DFK Laurence Varnay

Steve Heller is our information technology and travel industry expert and specialises in business services and taxation for small & medium enterprises. Clients warm to Steve quickly and trust his expertise to obtain outstanding short-term and long-term results for their businesses.


DFK Australia New Zealand (DFK ANZ) provides tailored solutions for clients across a complete range of accounting, taxation, audit and assurance, business advisory and consultancy services. We offer leading-edge advice from our team of industry experts, and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative and strategic business results.


In 2017 a four-part webinar series featured expert Business Advisers who discussed the importance of planning strategies around the often overlooked areas including;

JUNE - Dynamic tax time planning
JULY - Cashflow Mastery
AUG - Maximising profitability
SEP - Succession planning

Succession Planning

Planning for a profitable and painless exit from your business

Guest Speakers: DFK Business Specialists, Steve Heller & Stephen Bushell

Explore your options, confidently navigate the potential pitfalls and create a clear action plan for implementation.

Key Highlights

  • What is a succession plan and why every business owner needs one
  • Exploring the internal and external succession options 
  • Appreciating the essential steps involved in developing a strong plan 
  • Discovering the major challenges you will face and how to overcome them 
  • Navigating the tax and structure implications 
  • Understanding core business valuation guidelines
  • Creating an action plan to move forward

Webinar Slides >>

Maximising Profitability

Guest Speakers: DFK Business Specialists, Steve Heller & Gavin Johns

Watch this valuable and practical webinar where our specialist DFK speakers will cover the six immediate and consistent actions you can take to maximise your profitability for business growth and security.

Learn new clarity and immediately actionable insights.

Key Highlights

  • Gain an understanding of where you want to be and how to easily measure and review your internal performance through bench-marking, goals and KPI's so you can close any profitability gaps
  • Learn how to leverage the power of your team by delegating the responsibility, power and authority to them to make things happen
  • Discover how to improve your working capital management so this asset can work harder for you
  • Recognise how to harness new technologies to help you and your team save time and work smarter across finance, invoicing, CRM software, document management systems and more
  • Develop simple ways to grow your revenue through stronger customer relationships
  • Learn how to identify and avoid the most commonly overlooked profitability drains in your systems and procedures so you can improve both the value of your business and reduce your risks.


Presentation PDF >

Profitability Improvements Info graphic >

Working Capital Tips >

Financial Spotlight Toolkit >

Cashflow Mastery

Guest Speakers: DFK Business Specialists, Steve Heller & Gavin Johns

Watch this webinar to learn valuable, practical and insightful online workshop to master the 5 Cashflow Keys to boost your business growth.

Key Highlights

  • Learn the crucial difference between cash and profit in your business to develop a working capital plan so you never find yourself in crisis mode again.
  • Learn how to easily create and monitor a cash flow budget so you can control your business future, be able to make quick decisions and take bold action.
  • Understand your day to day working capital requirements and how to manage your business so customers pay you on time and you can always pay your bills on time
  • Understand your longer-term funding requirements and how to manage your business so you will have the cash flow to allow your business to grow and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.
  • Understand how to secure the right finance for the right purpose to save on interest and pay your loans out faster.

WEBINAR Resources

Cashflow Statement template >

Presentation PDF > 

Dynamic Tax Planning

Maximising concessions & opportunities

Guest Speakers: DFK Business Specialists, Steve Heller & Gavin Johns

Resident tax specialists from DFK will reveal the essential steps to take BEFORE June 30 to take full advantage of concessions available to you and your business.

What's Covered?

  • Superannuation contributions
  • Bad debts 
  • Capital gains and losses 
  • Bringing forward deductible expenditure 
  • Valuation of trading stock 
  • Tax deductible donations 
  • Employer contribution 
  • Reviewing your asset register 
  • Writing off asset purchases 
  • Trust distributions


Businesses YE Tax Planning >

YE Individual Tax 2017 >

DFK Tax Planning Infograph >

DFK Article - To apply GST or not to apply GST, that is the eternal question...


PresentATION Slides >

*Note - Audio starts at 39 seconds

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