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Your Questions Answered

Webinar: From Customer To Advocate - the MUST DO digital techniques for travel agents

Over 60 travel agents came online on 22 June 2016 to attend a webinar presentation by digital strategist and travel and tourism expert, Liz Ward of Digital Coaching International.

The webinar titled "The MUST DO digital techniques for travel agents" highlighted the importance of having a strong online presence and provided practical tips for a stronger digital marketing approach, specifically tailored to travel agents.

The webinar provoked some questions which Liz has kindly answered these below.


Q1) The older market – content consumers not contributors.

I work in the travel space with products that are typically consumed by an older demographic. My experience and the limited research around Boomer digital usage seems to indicate that while they are adopting at an amazing rate, they seem to be very hesitant to engage with content in a measurable way. Eg, they prefer to lurk and consume content, rather than like, share and interact. Firstly, would you say that this has been your experience? Secondly, how do you combat this disconnected/limited interaction mentality when building content. Without meaningful and measurable interaction and engagement, is content marketing worth the effort for this target market?

The Older Market

Answer: My experience in speaking with Baby Boomers is that with the older end of the group, this is generally true. They consume the content, but don't post much or like or share. However, if we go back to first principles with digital marketing there are two important things to consider:

  • firstly we should focus our energy on the mediums and channels our target market is most comfortable with. So with that age demographic email works well. They like to receive and forward emails and then are comfortable with clicking through to your website or opening a PDF. We know this first hand from our older members in
  • secondly engagement and conversion in digital marketing can be all sorts of actions, but it essentially is some form of interaction with your customer. So if all they do is click and read the blog post, that's still a result and it's measurable.

I would see what the results look like when you email your database and direct them to click through to a competition or blog post or something else you think they'd be interested in. If engagement via email is quite good, then you may be able to try directing them to Like your Facebook page and start to get them a more engaged with you on Facebook.
I think we'll see their confidence grow with using applications like Facebook, just like it's grown with using their smart phones, but it is going to take a bit longer yet.

I certainly wouldn't stop creating content for them and I wouldn't stop directing it to them via Facebook. The over 50’s age group is growing on Facebook every day, so their usage will be as well. You could also try some paid targeted advertising on Facebook to try to engage older Facebook users who are more savvy.

Q2) Mobile Friendly or Not?

I thought our website was totally mobile phone friendly, but now would like to double check. It looks fine but in some areas not quite right and it has just been developed. What is the site again to check whether site is mobile phone friendly?Google

Answer: This is the link

Bear in mind that even if the Google test comes up positive, if you don't think that some aspects look good on a mobile device or images don't look right, it's worth asking your developer to find solutions, because you want your customers to find it appealing and easy to use.

You can contact Liz with any questions at

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