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Nominations & Voting

Nominations Now Closed. 

The AFTA NTIA Nomination period has now closed.

Learn about the NTIA Process:

Voted vs. Judged Categories

This section explains the difference between the voted categories and those that are required to complete a written submission and presentation to the AFTA NTIA Judging Panel.

1. Voted Award Categories

Following nominations, the award categories listed below will be voted on by the industry and the companies with the five (5) highest number of votes will proceed through to being a Finalist. The company with the highest number of votes will win and this will be announced at the NTIA Gala Dinner on Saturday 18th July. 

Voted Categories >

  • Cat 18 - Best Domestic Airline
  • Cat 19 - Best Airline International - On Line
  • Cat 20 - Best Airline International - Off Line
  • Cat 21 - Best Cruise Operator - Domestic Deployment
  • Cat 22 - Best Cruise Operator - International Deployment  
  • Cat 26 - Best Car / Campervan Rental Operator
  • Cat 27 - Best Tourist Office International 
  • Cat 31 - Best Agency Support Service 
  • Cat 35 - Best Hotel / Resort Group

2. Judged Award Categories

A two-step process determines Winners in the categories listed below.

Step 1: Nominees in Judged Categories are required to complete an online submission to accept their NTIA nomination.

All submissions will be marked by an independent assessor. The 5 highest scoring submissions in each category will proceed through to being a Finalist. These categories are NOT voted categories.

Step 2: The 5 Finalists will be required to make a presentation to the NTIA Judging Pannel. Judging will take place between Wednesday 10 - Friday 19 June 2020.

  • Cat 1 - Best Travel Agency Brand (50 stores or more)
  • Cat 2 - Best Travel Agency Network
  • Cat 3 - Best Travel Agency Leisure - Single Location
  • Cat 4 - Best Travel Agency Leisure - Multi Location
  • Cat 5 - Best Travel Agency Corporate - Single Location
  • Cat 6-  Best Travel Agency Corporate - Multi Location
  • Cat 7 - Best National Travel Management Company
  • Cat 8-  Best Mobile Travel Advisor Network
  • Cat 9 - Best Online Travel Agency (OTA)
  • Cat 10 - Best Business Events Travel Agency
  • Cat 11 - Best Travel Consultant Leisure
  • Cat 12 - Best Travel Consultant Corporate
  • Cat 13 - Best Travel Agency Manager – Leisure Single Location
  • Cat 14 - Best Travel Agency Manager – Leisure Multi Location
  • Cat 15 - Best Travel Agency Manager – Corporate Single Location
  • Cat 16 - Best Mobile Travel Advisor
  • Cat 17 - Young Travel Agent of the Year
  • Cat 23 - Best River Cruise Operator
  • Cat 24 - Best Tour Operator - Domestic
  • Cat 25 - Best Tour Operator - International
  • Cat 28 - Best Specialty Wholesaler
  • Cat 29 - Best Wholesaler - Australian Product
  • Cat 30 - Best Wholesaler - International Product
  • Cat 32 - Best Sales Executive – Land
  • Cat 33 - Best Sales Executive - Cruise
  • Cat 34 - Best Sales Executive - Air
  • Cat 38 - Best Travel Agent Technology Innovation
  • Cat 39 - Emirates Travel Consultant Scholarship

Submission Only 

Best Travel Writer is submission only. Face to face judging is not required.  

  • Cat 37 - Best Travel Writer - Consumer

Finalists & Judging Schedule

The judging schedule will be posted here in due course.

Please note, due to the time commitments of the AFTA NTIA Judging Panel, these dates are unable to be altered. If a person is unable to attend their scheduled Finalist presentation, they may nominate an alternate in the case of company categories. No alternates are permitted in the case of individual categories. 

Top 5 Tips for Finalist Presentations

AFTA has compiled a list of the top 5 tips for those Finalists making a presentation to the AFTA Judging Panel.

These tips are based on feedback from previous year's judging and will assist you in preparing for your presentation and best utilising the time allowed.


If you have any queries please contact 

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