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2018 ATAS Activity Summary

AFTA has released summary data for activity under the ATAS Charter and ATAS Code for 2018.

Finishing the year with a fantastic result of 1400 Accredited entities, ATAS has shown consistent growth and demand for entry into the accreditation scheme. In total, ATAS has 2,800 accredited locations. The increase in overall accreditation's is despite maintaining a high bar to entry with 23% of new applicants declined and despite a number of cancellations and withdrawals throughout the year.

ATAS applications

ATAS Code of Conduct

The ATAS Code details the obligations that ATAS Accredited agents must adhere to. It is a consumer facing document and details the complaint management process that members must abide by and the right of consumers to use the ATAS complaint escalation process. Consumers can lodge a complaint with AFTA against an ATAS member where they believe the Code has been breached via the online form on the ATAS website.

In 54 complaints, a mutual resolution was negotiated between the parties to resolve the matter. Overall the process facilitated $133,241 back to consumers.

Refunds issued to consumers in 2018
The complaint escalation process is a valuable benefit to ATAS members, providing a free and relatively quick alternative avenue to tribunal or court proceedings.

Complaints should be seen as a valuable learning opportunity for your business to improve processes and as part of the value proposition that being an ATAS Accredited agent offers to consumers.

Want to know more?

The data is summarised in two infographics available on the AFTA website.

2018 ATAS Charter Activity

2018 ATAS Code of Conduct Activity

AFTA will be conducting a webinar on the ATAS Complaint process, best practice and case studies on 13th March 2019. For details or to register click here

Contact Naomi Menon – Head of Compliance and Operations and ATAS Compliance Manager at