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ACCC Enforcement Priorities for 2019

By Naomi Menon, AFTA Head of Operations & Compliance
March 2019

The ACCC has released its compliance and enforcement priorities for 2019. Priorities include:

  • Ensuring that small businesses receive the protections afforded to them under the Competition and Consumer Act with a focus on the Franchising Code of Conduct and unfair contract terms.
  • Conduct that may contravene the misuse of market power provisions and the concerted practices provisions;
  • The impact on consumers arising from the collection and use of consumer data by digital platforms;
  • Competition and consumer issues arising from customer loyalty schemes; and
  • Consumer issues in advertising and subscription service practices on social media platforms.

Whilst the ACCC have highlighted the above for 2019, the ACCC also list a number of forms of conduct that are so detrimental to consumer welfare that the ACCC always regard them as a priority. These include:

  • Cartel conduct;
  • Anti-competitive conduct;
  • Vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers; and
  • Conduct impacting Indigenous Australians.

What does it mean for your business?

Embedded in the ATAS Code of Conduct, all ATAS Participants must comply with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Whilst the enforcement priorities don’t target the travel industry specifically, the obligation to comply with all aspects of the ACL remains in all respects. 

 What is good news for ATAS agents, is that one of the priorities is focusing on ensuring that small businesses are receiving the protections afforded to them, in particularly in relation to the Franchising Code of Conduct and unfair contract terms. If you believe you have a standard form contract that is unilaterally detrimentally to your business, now is the time to raise it with the ACCC.

Want to know more?
AFTA ran a two-part webinar series on Australian Consumer Law in 2018 specifically related to travel agents. Recordings of these webinas can be found on the AFTA website here.

Contact Naomi Menon at or 02 9287 9900