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Tuesday 12 November - Remembrance Day

REMEMBRANCE Day, yesterday 11 Nov comes and goes each year but it is not a day that should go unnoticed. I was in fact in-flight at 11am yesterday on a Qantas flight to Melbourne and was very impressed that the Cabin Manager thought to mention Remembrance Day as we were all asked to observe a minute’s silence to remember all those men and women who have fallen for the country in times past. It was sobering really and very important. It is very easy for life to pass us by and these things to happen and be behind us before we even think about it.

So, whatever you did yesterday, I hope you found a moment to remember. The other fact about times past is that war times, memories of wars past and remembrance forms a significant and important component of the travel industry both here in Australia and across the world. More and more people have become tuned into the history of war and use this history to take a holiday or trip in which they can explore many aspects of battlefields and the true history that surrounds all of these interesting and historic moments in time. 

Many find these journeys of discovery very confronting, as they find out things about their own family past and history that they may not have known, or use a piece of the history as a way of finding out more things about family members who they may have never know, but are in awe of what these family members have endured. It is incredible to think about what it would have been like to live in a time of the first world war let along having been a person who fought in that war, the second world war, or any war for that matter, sadly the world has had so many. It seems that humankind on this front are slow learners as we still want to fight with each other over any number of things.

So, for all these reasons, if not for the valour or bravery of the people who served, it is very important to mark these moments in time and remember those that have fallen. Lest we forget