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Travel Daily Exclusive - Tuesday 13 November

TRAVEL Daily readers from NSW may be aware there has been a new Opposition Leader elected by the party, Michael Daly, the member for Maroubra.

This is a result of former leader Luke Foley having allegedly been caught with his hands in the wrong place and as such, being forced to resign. The story is one that most would think is fiction, but it is the
way politics rolls these days and it seems there always needs to be a sub-plot at play as we watch political leaders crash and burn.

In fact, Foley has now advised that he will not contest the NSW Election that will take place on the
4th Sat in Mar next year, meaning he will be looking for a job. So there is a new Labor leader for NSW with a short road ahead before the election.

Meanwhile, newly minted Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison is also now facing a short road to an election which is likely to be held any time between late Jan & May of next year. Many of the polls taken are not
showing the big lift the Coalition needs to win an election, but then again all this is just one whoops-
a-daisy away from change.

Meanwhile, the Victorian State Election is set to take place on Sat 24 Nov, which is less than two weeks away. For the political watchers in the industry there is plenty to talk about, and some incredible stories to be told, but what this all means for the travel industry is anyone’s guess.

Each of these elections, regardless of the outcomes, starts and causes a demise in consumer confidence, which usually does impact upon people’s intention to travel. A federal election always has more impact than a state election but the fact we have a perfect storm of elections over the next six months may see some decline in consumer sentiment, and this does unfortunately knock on to travel bookings.

We can only hope that perhaps the Australian electorate is so tuned out from all this change and carry on that perhaps the very thing they need is a holiday and we see a boom time ahead.

Whatever your views on politics, I think Australia is looking at some changing times ahead and unlike my normal style, I can’t really call any of these elections at this point.

We will just have to wait and see what happens!