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Travel Daily Exclusive - Tuesday 27 November

THE Victorian State Election has got everyone talking with a big win to the sitting Labor Premier Dan Andrews MP, something that I think was expected but not so convincingly as has been the case. Premier Andrews will command the house of representatives in the Victorian Parliament for the next four years and will do it with a big majority.

While at the time of putting this Travel Daily column together the full vote had not been completed and there remained several seats in question, for the first time in a while in politics they don’t matter so much, as he has already won 52 seats and needs only 45 to hold government. No doubt some of the remaining seats will fall his way & so his position will strengthen.

Now, the upper house of the Victorian Parliament is another story and as time flows on more will become apparent as to who has what. Clearly nobody is going to have a majority there, although as history has shown, perhaps
control by one party over both houses is not something our forefathers ever wanted. So that’s that then for the Victorian State election, it will be interesting to see what happens going forward and the types of policies that get implemented.

For the travel and tourism industry, the Andrews Govt has been solid and a supporter so we can only hope that continues over the next four years. As to what this all means for Canberra and the Federal Election sometime in 2019, perhaps a Christmas Holiday will help and allow everyone to regroup and forge their plans for the future.

I suspect, unofficially, the Feds are now in election mode and we are all bound to see a load of ideas and promises coming out thick and fast as the race for Canberra begins. Or not – we will have to see. It all does make for interesting times politically and still perhaps before Canberra comes the NSW election which is set for 04 Mar.

Next year is bound to be a big year for politics and like all of the readers of Travel Daily, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Buckle in, methinks there are interesting times ahead.