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AFTA CEO Update - Westbury joins TTA Board of Directors

                        Westbury join's the Board of Directors at TTA

TODAY is a busy day in the travel and tourism industry with two important summits being held but on totally different topics.

The first is the Industry Training Solutions Summit hosted by Tourism Training Australia (TTA). This summit will bring together educators, training providers, TAFE and private colleges who specialise in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, regulators and industry players to look at what the current status of play is within the skill training environment in Australia and talk about strategies for the future.

I am also delighted to be joining the Board of Directors of TTA an organisation which is the legacy of the late Bill Galvin OAM, who has been the bedrock leader of education and training in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry for decades. TTA will be taking a new direction over the coming months with a new strategy to deliver for all those looking for, having or whom may have had a career in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

TTA will also be building a range of new fresh engagement opportunities to bring educators and industry closer together and I am really pleased that this will be done together across the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. AFTA has enjoyed the wonderful support of TTA and over decades when it comes to the regulatory environment of training in our industry and I look forward to making a contribution to the organisation for the good of all within our industry and for AFTA members.

For those readers of Travel Daily who come from the educator world I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the TTA Teacher / Trainer of the Year Awards which include a recognition for those who train in the travel and tourism area, click the link below for more details.

TTA Teacher / Trainer of the Year Awards - Call for entries

I am excited that AFTA will be a sponsor of this year’s TTA Teacher/Trainer of the Year Awards and I wish all those who may choose to participate all the very best of luck. The contribution made by those who have a profession in educating, teaching and training both future staff, but also existing staff is critical to the success of the industry and these awards go a little way to recognise their contribution.

In addition to this summit, Travel Daily is hosting the Sustainability Summit. The event looks to how the travel industry can continue to thrive across the globe but with a laser sharp focus on how to do this sustainably. As 2019 unfolds, these two key issues of skills training and sustainability are more and more becoming critical factors for the ongoing success of the travel industry and I congratulate all those who are involved in both of these important events.