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Are you ATAS accredited? Research says consumers want to know.

[Wednesday 8 August 2018:] New research, commissioned by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and conducted by FiftyFive5, a global research agency revealed that awareness of ATAS drives usage, influencing where a consumer books their travel.

“In the research, consumers clearly told us, that they want to know when a business is accredited. 60% of all respondents said that ATAS is relevant to their travel plans and more than half of all travellers worry when a business fails to articulate their accredited status. This is in line with the calls AFTA takes on a daily basis where consumers are validating if a business is accredited or not,” said Jayson Westbury AFTA Chief Executive.

The research also revealed 82% of overseas travellers will actively look to book with an ATAS accredited travel agent.

“34% of overseas travellers will speak to a travel agent but for various reasons not book through that agent. The research says travel agents are missing out on business by not telling the consumer they are accredited,” said Westbury.

According to the research only 4% of AFTA’s membership base are actively discussing ATAS with their clients.

“4% of members discussing ATAS is not enough, we need everyone working together. AFTA reinvests every available dollar into promoting the value of travel agents and educating the consumer about ATAS. We are doing our bit and I’d like to encourage our extensive network of accredited members to join us in the crusade. Think how wide and deep and powerful our message would be if all 3,000 travel agent locations right across Australia shared the ‘ATAS’ message,” said Westbury.

“As a result of the research findings, throughout August AFTA will be undertaking an industry wide education campaign to help ATAS agents realise the full potential of the value of being accredited and look to increase the awareness amongst travel consultants who need to talk about the scheme with their clients more often,” added Westbury.

AFTA has produced a short video which summarises the research results and explains why ATAS accredited travel agents are missing out on potential business by not telling consumers that they’re ATAS accredited.

The video can be viewed here.

To learn more click here.