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AFTA Update

AFTA Update | 2 June 2020

Welcome to winter! 

Whilst we may dread the cold mornings and the days frequent with rain Winter does have its upside. There are fewer mosquitos for starters! 

The 3 months of winter (June, July, August) are an important part in our ecosystem. Many plants need shorter days and lower temperate to become dormant, so that they can store up energy for new growth. 

Many of our travel agent members are in hibernation, or adjusted operations, to accommodate the current economic climate. Just like the plants, now is a perfect time to mentally re-set and seek opportunities for renewed business growth.
Starting Thursday, AFTA in partnership with Twinlife Marketing, is delivering a 3-part free online workshop series designed to give you direction, focus and practical tools to implement now to re-build and grow your business & brand post COVID-19.

The 3 workshops themes are centred on Strategy, Digital and Brand. Visit the AFTA website here to learn more and join us – let’s not wait until Winter is over.

On that note, a reminder to all front line travel agents to jump across and register for Tourism Australia’s Aussie Specialist Program so that you are in the box-seat to promote holidays at home to Aussie travellers.

Life post Winter, marked by the ending of JobKeeper, is certainly something that AFTA is heavily focused on. In fact, since as early as January, the AFTA Board and team have worked consistently to ensure those making the decisions at the most senior levels of Government, from the Prime Minister down, understand the very unique set of pressures travel agents are facing. 

Pleasingly, it seems our approach is delivering, with senior politicians including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, starting to acknowledge publicly that we are in a unique situation and require additional support. 

AFTA members can be confident they have a strong voice in Canberra through AFTA. Your input in these discussions is invaluable, so if you’d like to help, please complete this short sentiment survey here which can be completed by all travel agent owners and managers. 

We acknowledge that there are still many challenges that lay ahead. AFTA will continue to lobby government across a number of issues, including insurance, chargebacks, consumer confidence, refunds and cancellations and any and all additional challenges that arise. 

Let’s work together to embrace all the challenges and opportunities that the next 3 months bring in the knowledge that AFTA is here, and has been since 1957, advocating, representing and collaborating with stakeholders and consumers in the Australian travel ecosystem.