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AFTA Update

AFTA Update | Travel Daily 30 June 2020

This week, AFTA is delighted to welcome to the helm new Chief Executive Officer Darren Rudd. 

Darren’s background lies in management and stakeholder relations but he began his career in the travel industry, building and operating hotel management information systems.

We are pleased to welcome him back to the travel industry and at a time when his expertise is needed most! 

Darren joins AFTA committed to working with members, the Board and industry stakeholders as together we work our way through the current economic challenges. 

A key focus of AFTA continues to be that governments and regulators understand that unique position that our members are in and the critical role travel agents play in the travel supply chain. Every ATAS travel agency be they in-store or online are critical to the recovery of our sector. 

It’s only day two on the job, and already Darren has taken to the streets, meeting with some of our members in the Blacktown area, and bringing along the local member Michelle Rowland (ALP). 

This visit, is the first of many in various electorates, and forms part of AFTA’s grassroots activation strategy, providing the new AFTA CEO with the opportunity to meet and listen, and learn, directly with AFTA members.

Darren looks forward to meeting with members and key industry partners in due course. In the interim the AFTA team continue to be at the disposal of members. 

AFTA travel agent members are invited to join AFTA’s Weekly Update this Friday to meet Darren Rudd. Register here

For those that would like to know Darren a little bit more, here’s a few of his favourite things… 

Favourite holiday destination in Australia? Depends on the time of year and my mood! 

Overseas? All of Europe but in particular London and the Greek Islands

Favourite cuisine? All types of cuisines (I’m a big foodie)

Movie genre? I enjoy history/spy thrillers (i.e., John le Carre)

Coffee or Tea? Flat white until 3pm, Green or Peppermint Tea in the afternoon

Do you follow any sports? Rugby League, AFL and Tennis 

What do you like to do to unwind? I enjoy reading and heading to ‘the farm’ – a property that I own with my brother in the Upper Hunter

Favourite social beverage? For celebrations I enjoy Ruinart Champagne from a Champagne house in Reims, France. For a casual beer with friends I’d choose a beer like Pale Ale.