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Help our Aussie Farmers and donate today

Travel Daily Exclusive - Tuesday 14 August 2018

The drought that has taken hold across rural Australia is perhaps in one way or another so far away from anything
any of us in the travel industry might be thinking about unless we live or work in the country. It is so often easy
for those that live in the cities to be oblivious to the devastation drought causes family, businesses and communities.

And when it comes to taking a holiday or travel, it becomes even easier to not think about it. So given that the
situation has become such a matter of public interest and many fantastic Australian companies are now offering up financial support, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this week’s column to the drought.

While the resources of AFTA do not allow us to make large-scale financial donations, what we can do is help raise the awareness for all those in the travel industry who might want to help make a difference and support farmers along the way. Many local schools, including the one which my own children attend, have found innovative ways to
support the campaign for drought relief, and while government is doing what it feels it should, private donations and support will always be greatly appreciated and go a long way to making things better. Money becomes the other thing that dries up in a drought and it is times like this when we all need to do our bit to help.

Farmers and Australians who choose to remain on the land and provide the food for our country and beyond need to know that city folk are willing to support them when the chips are down. From my reading of the situation the chips are well and truly down. It can be difficult to decide how to best help in donating money for drought relief and there
are many charities and organisations set up to help. I think the best way to choose is to simply do a Google search of “drought relief donations 2018”. You will get plenty of hits and from there if you want to get involved you can decide the path you want to take if that’s what you want to do.

For me personally, I have elected to donate to the Red Cross appeal – but this is of course a personal choice. To all the families connected to the travel industry in one way or another with this drought, know that our thoughts are with you and support is on its way. It is not until you stop and take notice, that you realise just how serious the situation has become.