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AFTA update

                        AFTA Update | Travel Daily 4 August 2020

We know Australians want to travel again. We also know that travel agents want to help get Australians travelling again.

International travel is the bread and butter for Australia’s travel agents and while we’re starting to see domestic travel slowly emerge albeit with the on-going challenges of COVID-clusters until outbound travel resumes, life is going to continue to be extremely challenging for our sector.

So how can we re-open our domestic and national borders in a medically led and responsible manner while protecting lives? The answer is simple.

Conceptually, travel bubbles could start right now between those states and countries that are already a low or little risk of community transmission as deemed so by epidemiologists.

This would allow Australia to work through its own international travel protocols as distinct from all other countries which are currently experiencing full commercial airline travel.

At present, the establishment of scientifically and medically led travel bubbles is the main focus of AFTA and we believe a step in the right direction to re-starting the economy and creating jobs.

AFTA is bringing together a group of experts and business leaders within our sector, and across others to deliver solid thought leadership, drive change and bring confidence to consumers, businesses and government that we must find a better balance that accommodates both health and border opening and that travel bubbles are the right way forward.

What is extremely promising is that the Asia-Pacific zone is seen as one of two large travel bubbles that could occur, with Europe being the other.

AFTA is committed to doing all that it can in helping members to get through this period and will continue to work closely and collaboratively with Government, at all levels and across parties, and with other industry bodies, to map out the best path forward and get Australians doing what we do best – travelling!