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AFTA Update

Travel Daily Update - 19 June 2018

LAST week, AFTA released notice of its annual general meeting and with it our Annual Report for the year and financial statements to 31 Mar 2018. Pleasingly, AFTA is in a very strong financial state for a trade association and this is reflected in the results. Equally important are the activities of AFTA and the work that we have been doing over the past 12 months. The Annual Report shows all of this activity and the strong voice AFTA has become for travel agents both here in Australia, and more broadly around the globe.

We have also reported on the activities of the ATAS accreditation scheme which shows excellent results for the year. While there have been a number of complaints made about ATAS participants over the year, the report outlines the general thrust of the sort of things consumers complain about and how ATAS addresses these for the benefit of both parties with mutual respect and with a view to reaching an agreed outcome.

For the most part, these complaints are dealt with and resolved by the travel agent and the consumer directly but when some mediation is required, ATAS has a strong support process in place to mediate neutrally for both parties.

If you have not yet had a chance to take a look at the AFTA Annual Report.

AFTA Annual Report >

You might also be unaware that ATAS has now launched its new website, visit the new look website here. This new consumer-facing ATAS website has already been achieving some great results as it allows AFTA members to set up their individual profiles to outline the specific areas of expertise they may have beyond
that of being an outstanding, fantastic travel agent.

The feedback from consumers has been terrific and we are really pleased with how this next generation interactive website can create a more meaningful and useful user experience for consumers as they seek out travel agents, and in the case of the profile being uploaded by the travel agent, a more unique and refined user experience.

So, some exciting changes within the world of ATAS and a strong solid year for AFTA demonstrated by the results in the Annual Report.