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AFTA Update

Travel Daily Exclusive - Tuesday 21 August

The power of consumer research is worth every cent and this has run true for the extensive work AFTA undertook just a few months ago as we prepared the next phase of the consumer awareness of ATAS and the value of being an accredited Australian travel business. This research will also help us build the new Television Commercial (TVC) that is now under construction and will be in market this Oct in the lead up to the busy booking season.

Exciting times for all the ATAS accredited travel agents and travel businesses who will reap the rewards of this
research-backed campaign. The campaign will have a prolonged approach, not a drop in the ocean one off, but a systematic matrix to building the awareness of ATAS with consumers and to underpin the value of being an ATAS
accredited travel business.

A key part of the research was the fact that consumers said they would be 82% more likely to book with an ATAS travel agent or travel business over one that is not. It also told us that ATAS agents don’t talk enough about being ATAS and that if they do, it is likely to increase their chances of getting consumers to book with them. All things AFTA has been saying for some time, but this is from the voice of the consumer delivered via the research project was commissioned by AFTA. One of the really key parts of this campaign is for “TEAM ATAS”, that is all of the ATAS accredited businesses in Australia, need to start talking about ATAS more with current and potential clients.

It’s very clear that ATAS needs to be a part of the selling narrative and the research spoke volumes to this point. To assist ATAS accredited travel agents to understand these key statistics we have produced a short information video to help everyone understand what the research told us.

You can view the video, below. 

Why you should be using ATAS in your narrative

It's worth considering playing this at your next staff meeting or after work drinks. It will help everyone understand the research and have a little giggle along the way.

As for the TVC and the next phase of the campaign, information about this will be released soon and I am sure that it will help build the long-term and important ongoing awareness of ATAS accredited travel agents into the future.