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Culture & Adventure in Dubai

Go back in time to discover the history of Dubai in the nearby mountain town of Hatta.

Explore Hatta, a mountain town near Dubai

Travel back in time to an era of citadels, forts and towers in the mountain town of Hatta, dating back several centuries. This quiet retreat, nestled in the craggy peaks of the Hajar Mountains, is known for its ancient Hatta Fort and the remnants of an old village which is still being assessed by historical authorities.

The area was once called Al Hajerin or Al Hajeran, in reference to the two mountain peaks guarding its north and south borders.

Take a scenic drive from Dubai through the spectacular Hajar Mountains before stopping to take in the colours at the picture-perfect Hatta Dam. You can learn about Dubai’s rich history at Hatta Heritage Village before taking a tranquil walk under the palm trees.

Craggy mountain peaks, crisp air and an untamed environment make the mountain enclave of Hatta the ideal spot for mountain bikers, adventurers and nature-lovers. From taming the rough terrain on a mountain bike, to tackling the teal waters by kayak, or simply exploring the cultural town by foot, there’s much to do just over an hour away from central Dubai. The landscapes of Hatta possess some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the UAE.

Another major draw is the Hatta Heritage Village in the central town. This restored museum is an example if true Emirati life in historic times. It comprises 30 Buildings, including huts and houses, reconstructed as they were hundreds of years ago.

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Get that adrenaline rush

With year-round sun and a dramatic combination of both the desert and beach, Dubai is the perfect setting to be swept away by high-adrenaline activities. Begin your travel adventure in Dubai as you rocket across the Arabian Gulf in a speedboat or roar along the circuit in a race car, skydive over Palm Jumeirah, and finish with a paddleboard along the coast or a swim with dolphins and sharks. You can even leave the city in Dubai and hit the dunes in the desert or soar above the sand in a hot air balloon.

We have included some of our top picks of adrenaline-enducing desert and beach adventures in Dubai.

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Ballooning over Dubai's sandunes