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Thank you to all our ATAS Accredited members for the prompt submission of their ATAS renewal applications for those with a 30 June expiry.

Some common themes have emerged that we wish to share with our members as part of our continuous improvement efforts to elevate travel standards in Australia.

Travel Licence references

We have seen a number of references to Travel Agent Licence numbers which are now redundant and misleading. Please ensure all references to defunct licence numbers are removed and replaced with your ATAS number. Whilst AFTA endeavour to point these out where we identify them, it is important to ensure that this is applied across your business to all marketing and communication materials including your website.

TCF bond

There are still a handful of businesses that are reporting their TCF bond as a current asset. The TCF issued their final annual report confirming all funds would be returned to the State governments. As such, this line item must be completely written off as it is no longer a valid line item on the Balance Sheet.


A number of ATAS accredited travel agency websites we visited are not utilising the ATAS Logo. If you would like to add this to your website and other marketing material, please visit the Participant zone or contact us directly to request the logo via email at Displaying the ATAS logo is a valuable way to demonstrate to consumers your professional standing in the travel industry.

Terms and Conditions

We thank all our members for compliance with this new request. We are very pleased with the positive responses we have received from members who have acknowledged the value of embedding terms and conditions into their business. One member commented that the process of creating terms and conditions has been a valuable exercise in assessing their business processes. Another member commented that whilst at first it felt burdensome with the investment of time and resources, the outcome is a valuable and important protection for their business and it demonstrates a strengthening of the standards in the travel industry.

We continue to encourage members to regularly revisit their terms and conditions and ensure that communication of the terms and conditions is integrated into your internal processes to ensure your customers have agreed to them before or at the time of sale.

For questions or feedback please contact Naomi Menon, National Manager – Compliance and Membership at