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Jayson Wetbury IATA

IATA - Matters of importance

Dear Member and Industry Colleague,

You would be aware that IATA recently passed a new set of resolutions to bring in their NewGenISS system for BSP all over the world and Australia will be part of this.

The NewGenISS comes in two parts.

The first is a significant change to Resolution 890 which is the resolution that controls the use of credit cards when using the Airlines Merchant Facility. Under the new Resolution 890, in effect from 1 March 2018, an IATA accredited travel agency MAY be able to use a credit card that is issued in the name of the agency (The Agency Credit Card). However, the use of the agency credit card must be first agreed with each airline individually and by the specific travel agency. It is not a BSP wide green light for agents to use their own cards. While this is a step in the right direction, we have already received industry circulars by some carriers that a request to use this new arrangement will automatically be DISALLOWED. This has caused some confusion and so I hope this EDM assists members to understand the resolution and how the rules actually apply.

To read the IATA circular specifically relating to Resolution 890 changes click here.

The second part will be the implementation of Resolution 812. This is scheduled to come into effect from the 4th quarter of 2018. Resolution 812 will bring further changes to IATA agents, some of which will need serious consideration due to the possible impact on the operation of the weekly BSP and we will release more detail about this over the coming months.

There is also the requirement that ALL IATA Accredited Travel Agents have become PCI compliant. There are sanctions that IATA can impose if IATA agents have not reached PCI compliance.

PCI compliance is in fact something that all agencies should consider as it demonstrates a best practice approach to dealing with and handling customers credit card information.

One way to reach compliance is to use this link – click here. From the feedback we have received, this is a cost effective and relatively easy way to reach PCI compliance. This service is provided by Travelport; but you DO NOT NEED to be a Travelport agency to gain access to this service. Fees do apply but, from our research, they are very reasonable.

As always, the AFTA Team and I are at your service to assist, answer questions and update you as best we can. By all means give us a call if we can help further.

I hope that this EDM provides clarity and helpful detail regarding these IATA changes.

Kind Regards,

Jayson Westbury
AFTA Chief Executive