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Looking to buy your first home, refinance, buy your dream home or simply invest?

Talk to a Gow-Gates Mortgage Broker

Interest rates are at an all-time low at the moment with many of the lenders slashing their variable rates under 4%.

When was the last time you gave your loan a Health Check? We all look after our bodies but we don’t seem to give our mortgages the same attention.

Are your friends or family saying how low their rates are with their financial institution and your rate is significantly higher.

Talk to a Gow-Gates Mortgage Broker

That’s where a Mortgage Broker comes in.

What we do for you
We go between the borrower (which is known as the applicant or the person who wants to obtain the finance) and the lender (usually a bank), who negotiates the loan on your behalf.

We negotiate great rates on your behalf, do the legwork on researching products on the market from the hundreds available, and then support you through the application and settlement process.

We can also help with obtaining the first home owners grant (FHOGS).

When’s the best time to use a Broker?

Whatever part of the loan process you’re at, and whatever type of loan you’re looking for, we can help. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started thinking about buying, have already found the perfect house and want to quickly sort out your finance, are looking to unlock the equity in your current property, or are wanting to find out if there’s a better borrowing option than the one you currently have – any time is a good time to explore your options.

The first thing we do is to meet you and understand what it is you want. We are, after all, your personal finance professional, so the better we get to know you, and your financial circumstances, your long term goals, the better we can match the right product with you.

It’s not just about finding the lowest interest rate - there are other things to consider. For example, if you’re thinking about starting a family, flexibility is an important feature.

Or if you want to renovate, easy access to equity can help. With so many products, you have so many choices.

Once we agree on the right loan, we take care of the application and get everything in place for the approval process, then see it through to settlement.

Let’s keep it simple

It’s easier
We start by meeting you at a time and place that suits you – at home, at work or over a coffee; during the week. – we’re always flexible.

We’ll look at your current loans and financial circumstances and then research and find the right solution for you. We take care of the paperwork, manage the application process and then take it through to settlement.

It’s fast
We can get things moving quickly. We’ll work with our lender networks and contacts, securing your finance as fast as possible.

It’s more than just loans
Lenders will ask you to take out insurance on your new property. We can help you arrange cover to keep the approval process moving quickly and hopefully save you some money.

It’s all about you
We work for you and not the bank. We get to know you personally to understand your unique circumstances. From our experience we know which lenders will have the product that will meet your needs. And we negotiate for what’s right for you, not what’s right for the lenders.

Sharon is here to help you get startedFor further information please contact Sharon Frazer our Mortgage Specialist who is available to discuss your finance needs. If you are after a free Property Report on a property that you are purchasing or you simply want to know what your property is worth then either click on the link below or email Sharon.

M: 0410 537 271
D: 02 8267 9922

Property report