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AFTA disappointed by a lacklustre approach to driving the importance of travel and tourism

[Tuesday 9 May 2017:] The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) is disappointed with the direction and lack of support that tonight’s Federal Budget has delivered for the Travel & Tourism Industry. The Government missed the opportunity to harness the future that travel and tourism offers to the Australian economy for now and in the future.

At a time when the rest of the world is embracing travel and tourism and looking to grow their economies and visitor numbers, this government has missed the flight to success.

As the Australian Economy moves from resources to tourism as a key pillar and when a country like Australia has the natural asset of a clean, fresh, sophisticated and jobs filled industry on its door step like Travel & Tourism, you have to wonder what the masters of the Australian budget process were thinking – perhaps not thinking.

“It is disappointing that once again the travel and tourism industry is asked to pay significant taxes but appears to not have any significant support coming back to it. This government appears to think that the travel & tourism should be the door mat to the Australian economic future. It is simply not good enough and we as an industry we should expect more.” Said Jayson Westbury, AFTA Chief Executive.

“The Global travel and tourism industry is a competitive market place and when cuts like the ones announced tonight to the Tourism Australian budget and increases to taxes on employer needing staff to fill shortages not wanted by Australians, it is yet another blow to the industry. If the government is serious about delivering jobs to Australians in the future, then the travel and tourism industry is ready to help, but clearly the government does not want to help the industry” said Westbury.

The 2017 Federal budget has including the following news for the travel and tourism industry.

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