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AFTA priorities in 2022

18 Jan 2022: The Australian Federation of Travel Agents’ fight for free and open travel and additional financial support for the sector, the apparent uniform decision by carriers to reduce commission to agents and the review of AFTA’s Constitution are the key priorities as 2022 kicks off.

AFTA Member and Sector Survey as part of the review of AFTA’s Constitution is now live

Federation of Travel Agents CEO Dean Long:

“The more things change, the more they feel the same but 2022 has some very key differences which we are determined to exploit for members’ advantage – a federal election, the ongoing successful rollout and impact of vaccines and the precedents on travel happening in other markets.”

“There’s no doubt that re-election is front and centre for our Federal members of Parliament and AFTA’s toolkit is amplifying member traction within local electorates in highlighting the need for additional support until travel normalises given the increasing reliance on travel experts by consumers and corporate Australia.”

“AFTA’s direct lobbying resumes as MPs and Senators return from holidays. It’s a multi-level approach at a Federal and State/Territory level. Our primary focus is on support, the need for a consistent position on borders and travel requirements. AFTA’s pre-Budget submission is almost ready to go and we are continuing our briefings of Ministerial, Shadow Ministerial and departmental decision makers and influencers. Another priority is making sure we have a say in the ongoing review of the consumer protection framework.”

“So many of our Members have already met with their local MPs as part of our ongoing effort and we know many more are ramping up. Thank You! AFTA also continues to work with CATO, CLIA as well as ACCI, BCA and TTF to deliver a united and co-ordinated approach.”

“Another priority is fighting the apparently uniform decision by carriers to reduce commission to agents. We’re exploring avenues for action given the fact this approach ignores the important role of agents in lowering overheads and optimising the journey for the customer to the benefit of the airlines as well as the traveller.”

“This month also sees the kick off of the all important evolution of AFTA with member and sector consultation on our Constitution as we work together on shaping AFTA to better meet current and future challenges. As part of this we will be inviting the wider Sector as well as members to be part of our consultation including our initial survey

Media Contact: LJ Loch 0488038555