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Gow-Gates shares important info on Workplace Safety

October is National Safe Work Month and the theme this year is “Be a Safety Champion”

Gow Gates, in line with Safe Work Australia, encourage employers and workers from any occupation or industry to be a champion for work health and safety.

Safety can be easy and Safe Work Australia has provided a free campaign kit to get started.

Do you know your responsibilities to build a safe and healthy workplace?

Regulations and rules can vary between states and territories. Check here for information specific to you.

Are you aware of any hazards at your workplace?Be a Safety Champion in your workplace

A hazard is a situation or thing that can potentially cause harm. At work, this can include noisy machinery, moving forklifts, chemicals, electricity, working at heights, a repetitive job, bullying and violence.

Do you know the risks at your workplace?

A risk is a possibility that physical or psychological harm (death, injury or illness) may occur when exposed to a hazard.

Do you consider health and safety issues when planning and designing work?

Taking care when planning work can allow the elimination of hazards and the management of risk preventing harmful situations.

Have you or your workers been impacted by a work-related injury or illness and planned a return to work?

It is important to consider what assistance and communication can be provided for injured workers to support their recovery when returning to work.

Do you know how to apply a risk management approach to eliminate or minimize risk to health and safety?

Duty holders should seek to eliminate risks and work through the hierarchy of control to help identify the most effective control.

No matter which hat you wear, everyone can support a safety culture at their workplace and promote best practice initiatives.

If you would like some assistance, our experienced Workplace Solutions team at Gow Gates can provide your business with a range of tailored Work Health Safety services. See the Gow-Gates website for more information.

Speak with a WHS Consultant today

Gwilym Lummis
Senior WHS Consultant, Workplace Solutions
T: 02 8267 9924
M: 0406 530 836

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