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Renewals Now Open for ATAS Participants due to expire 30 June 2017

Renewal applications are now open in the secure MY AFTA online portal for the lions’ share of ATAS Participants who are required to renew prior to their expiry at 30 June 2017. Email notifications and instructions have been distributed and a number of auto-generated emails will be sent as reminders leading up to the expiry date for those ATAS Participants.Apply for your ATAS renewal today

This year, a number of new fields have been incorporated into the renewal process. A summary of those fields and a detailed explanation as to why this information is being requested is detailed below.

1. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

AFTA and the ACCMC have identified systemic issues in regard to Agents disclosing Terms and Conditions to customers and it is a common reason for complaints received by AFTA. Under the ATAS Code of Conduct, ATAS Participants are required under section 4 the following:

S4.1 Terms and Condition

A) On request we will provide to you, or any person, as soon as practicable:

  • (i) Our standard terms and conditions;
  • (ii) Where available, full details of any standard fees and charges that we may apply

B) Our terms and conditions will:

  • (i) Be distinguishable from marketing or promotional material;
  • (ii) Be in English and any other language we consider to be appropriate to our customer base;
  • (iii) Be consistent with this Code;
  • (iv) Be provided at the time of, or before you enter into a sale with us;
  • (v) Advise you of our obligations to protect the confidentiality of your information; and
  • (vi) Provide you with information about our complaints handling policy and other dispute resolution procedures available under ATAS.

As part of our due diligence to ensure compliance with the ATAS Code of Conduct, the ATAS Compliance Manager is requesting a copy of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to demonstrate compliance with the above. A link to your website will suffice.

ATAS Templates  Download in the Participant Zone todayThe ATAS Charter allows the Compliance Manger under s2.5(c) to request specific information or examples in order to demonstrate that the participant is complying with this criterion.

To assist ATAS accredited agents, AFTA have created an Information Sheet and guidance for setting up your Terms and Conditions and have also created a Privacy Policy template. These tools can be used to assist you, but it is important to note that you must take into consideration the specific circumstances of your own business.

To download a simple Privacy Policy template and Terms & Conditions guideline document to tailor for use within your business, please log into the Participant Zone here

2. Actual TTV

Previously a band range of TTV was requested. The Actual figure is now being requested for the following reasons:

  • (a) By being able to report on the Actual figure, AFTA will be able to determine if the band range pricing fee structure of ATAS is accurate and fair;
  • (b) To enable reporting and a better understanding of agent’s activity in each sector to enable AFTA to be able to lobby government accurately as to the impact ATAS agents have on the Australian economy;
  • (c) Many agents report their financials on commissions received which does not enable an assessment of the financial ratios calculated by AFTA to determine solvency pursuant to the ATAS Charter.

We believe that reporting the actual TTV field is to the benefit of all ATAS Participants and the Australian travel industry. Pursuant to s2.5(g) an applicant must provide a copy of its latest financial statement and such other information as may be requested.

3. Estimated % of TTV Transactions

These 3 new fields are being requested to help AFTA better understand the transaction landscape across the agency community. This will assist AFTA in developing policy and programs that address many aspects of risk in the travel industry and build a stronger data footprint when negotiating with government and other stakeholders.

These new information fields comply with section s2.5(e) in considering the application, at which the Compliance manager may have regard to any information he or she sees fit. This clause was included to allow compliance to have a broader data set upon which to assess applications and inform AFTA for the benefit of ATAS accreditation.

If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact Naomi Menon – National Manager Compliance and Membership at or on (02) 9287 9900.