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Top 10 Changes to the ATAS Charter and Code

The ATAS Charter and its attachments, including the Code of Conduct, are the framework documents that establish the criteria for eligibility and the obligations of ATAS accredited agents to consumers.

Earlier this year, a 4th year review of the ATAS Charter and Code was conducted resulting in Revision 5 of the ATAS Charter being released effective 1 July 2018.

Here's the top 10 changes that all ATAS participants need to be aware of.

1. Background Checks

Addition of “formal background checks are required” for new applicants to determine fit and proper requirements are met, see cl 2.5(d).

2. Fit and Proper

Addition of civil convictions in assessing whether an applicant is fit and proper (see cl 2.5(d)(ii) B(VI).

3. Solvency Definition

Attachment D Solvency Definition revised to show greater transparency in how AFTA conduct financial assessment tests, see cl 2.5(d)(i).

4. Workforce Development

Increase from 30% to 50% of consumer facing staff that must hold a Certificate III – Travel, or equivalent (or recognition of prior learning of at least 2 years in a front-line travel selling position), see cl 2.5(j).

5. Addition of Australian Consumer Law obligations

The ATAS Code of Conduct has incorporated the Australian Consumer Law Guarantees and other obligations into the Service Quality Promise, see Code cl 3.2(a)(vi), (vii),(viii),(xi).

6. Ineligible Complaints

Removal of some types of ineligible complaints, see cl 5.5(c).

7. Time frames aligned

Discrepancies removed and business day references removed. Agents to acknowledge a complaint within 5 days and inform of an outcome within 21 days, see Code 5.1(c), (e).

8. Change of name from ACCMC to ACAC

The independent committee has been renamed from ATAS Code Compliance Monitoring Committee (ACCMC) to ATAS Complaint Appeal Committee (ACAC).

9. Right of ACAC to reopen a closed complaint removed

The ACAC may only reopen a closed complaint where they or the ATAS Compliance manager has been misled, refer cl 2.2 of Terms of Reference.

10. ACAC Terms of appointment

Adjusted to stagger end of appointment dates, see Attachment F Terms of Reference, cl 5.2.

Want to know more?

AFTA conducted a webinar following the review which is available to view on the AFTA website here. the above Top 10 changes is also downloadable here.

Want to know more? Contact Naomi Menon – Head of Compliance and Operations, AFTA at